Classroom Learning Space-Let’s bring the classroom to Za’atari.

As stated by Libraries Without Borders, “refugees are deprived of information, culture, education, and professional training, and they suffer from trauma, boredom, and loss of hope.” We need a way to change this.

Let’s deliver a toolbox containing touch pads and laptops to provide e-learning. E-readers/e-books and paper books and a selection of art and craft resources.



We need to change the definition of a refugee.

A refugee is a second-class citizen with a number scrawled on your hand or printed on a wristband, who everyone wishes would somehow go away. (Sunday Mail, October, 23, 2016)

“When you get to know us, you’ll see we are not that different. I am not just a number. None of us are.” ( Nujeen:One Girl’s Incredible Journey from War-Torn Syria in a Wheelchair)


Help Us Get Back Home!

Can you imagine living with your children in an environment full of crime, lack of freedom, limited food and portable shelters?

Unfortunately over 85 000 refugees fled the war in Syria and are living in inhumane conditions. What was meant to be a temporary infrastructure for many has turned into a permanent community. Although little hope for the future looks unimaginable, walls in Zaatari’s classrooms are lined with pictures and captions: “Help us back home.”Thousands Of Syrian Refugees Seek Shelter In Makeshift Camps In Jordan

Mathletics Online Material Available to girls at Za’atari Refugee Camp

As noted earlier I have decided to base my FLS on Educating Girls. After consultation with an online program, Mathletics, the company has agreed to provide this program to girl refugees. I now need advice as to how to make contact with them to take this onboard. This program will enable mathematical online learning to these girls, whereby I as the administrator can control and submit age appropriate  learning. Feeling excited!


International Day for the Girl Child- An AHA moment!

After much deliberation I have decided to examine, girls education for my future learning space. I was inspired today after receiving an email from UNICEF notifying me that it was International Day for the Girl Child. The email stated, “that over 60 million girls across the globe still do not have access to education.All children have the right to go to school, play with their friends and get the education they’ll need to thrive in life.”talatu-detail