Liminal Space-Oh! so that’s what it is called.

The liminal space is difficult to define and understand as it is not tangible but rather a state of being. Neither black nor white but grey. When in the liminal space feelings of anxiety and confusion can be felt……a frequent state while I tackled assignment 2.

As Adam shared, it is the bookend to the 5 previous physical spaces we have been exploring.

It is definitely an important space for teachers to pursue with students. (probably the most important space) By teaching students ways to deal with the liminal space and acknowledge  will ensure that students move beyond their own limits to build more knowledge but more importantly application and a growth mind set.

I always tell my students that every time they make a mistake they grow a new brain cell. Often this state can be debilitating if it is not acted on, or a give up approach is chosen. We need to keep on moving even if we don’t know where we are heading as momentum even in the wrong direction leads us somewhere.



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Currently I am working at a public school on the Gold Coast. I have been teaching for 29 years with expertise in Early Childhood. I am presently a curriculum and pedagogy coach.

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